Work From Anywhere: Benefits of Location Independence

Since I began providing career coaching via webcam, telephone, and email, I am an evangelist for the benefits of a location independent business. Many people do not consider the ability to be location independent when they are making choices about how to earn a living, so here is a list of some reasons you may want to choose a career path that can be done anywhere you want to be:

Work From Anywhere

1. No Commute. In many cities, commutes to employment centers take 2-3 hours per day. Think about all the things you could accomplish instead of spending all that time sitting in a car, bus, or train.

2. Flexible Schedule. When you work anywhere with flexibility, you can schedule around parenting obligations, social commitments, exercise, volunteer work, and hobbies. You can have a life.

3. Casual Dress. As long as you look presentable and professional on camera, no one has to know the details of the rest of your clothing or whether you are waiting until later to take a shower after your workout.

4. Time With Extended Family or Friends. When you work from anywhere, vacation doesn’t have to be the only time you see family and friends who live in other cities. You can mix work and play and you can more easily be available for family or friends who need your help during times of medical or other crises.

5. Recession Proofing. Not all areas of the country are hit equally hard when the economy slows down. By having the ability to work with clients in multiple geographic areas, you don’t have to put all your economic eggs in one geographic basket. It makes you less financially vulnerable when you can easily shift your focus to areas of the country that are doing well.

6. World Travel. You don’t have to limit your location to the United States. As long as the technology is available to do so, you can just as easily work from anywhere in the world.

7. Easier Dual-Career Decision-Making. One of the most difficult things about being a corporate or military spouse is that every time you start to gain traction in your career, it is time to move again. Location independence is perfect for people in these situations. If you can work from anywhere, relocations don’t have to disrupt your flow of income.

8. Entrepreneurship or Telecommuting. It is a myth that everyone with a location independent job is self-employed. While it is true that many are business owners or freelancers, there are also plenty of people who have a location independent salaried job.

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