Why Business Owners Should Hire Content Writers

In my consulting work, I often help business owners navigate challenges such as having too much to do and too little time to do it. Also, many business owners worry about how to increase sales but their marketing budget is usually limited.

Why Business Owners Should Hire Content Writers

Hiring a content writer is one of the best strategies for a business owner to optimize their time and achieve great marketing results. These reasons are why.

Content marketing is effective marketing.

Customers and clients read website material and follow a business on social media because they use this information to learn about the business and to make buying decisions about the business’ products and services. If the website has scant information or is poorly done, it reflects badly on the business. Alternatively, if the website has a lot of good content that educates, inspires, and persuades, that reflects extremely positively on the business.

Google loves fresh content.

Google ranks websites with fresh content ahead of websites with stale content. This is a highly technical look at how Google determines freshness, but the bottom line is that websites need new content on a regular basis or the website will sink in relevance for the Google algorithm.

Strengths differ.

Some people love to write but many people do not. The world works best when everyone is able to use their strengths. If writing isn’t a business owner’s strength, it makes sense to hire someone for whom it is.

Time is scarce.

Even if a business owner does enjoy writing, it might not be the best use of the owner’s time. In 2017, Bank of America surveyed small business owners and found that 4% work 71+ hours per week, 29% work 51-70 hours per week, and 28% work 41-50 hours per week. Business owners are extremely busy and outsourcing writing can free up valuable time to focus on other important aspects of business operations.

An outside perspective.

Often when a business owner struggles to find the right words to describe something important to their business, a content writer can easily find the words because the writer has an outside perspective. A good writer can be an objective and enthusiastic advocate for the business.

No risk.

It is easy to test drive the work of a new writer. Freelance content writers work on a project basis so business owners can ensure there is a good fit before making a commitment to ongoing work. It might take a few revisions before the writer captures a business in the best possible light but a good writer will want to ensure the business owner is pleased with the outcome.

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