How To Negotiate A Flexible Work Schedule

For most employees, a flexible work schedule is key to a high quality of life. But not all employers understand the benefit of offering a results-oriented workplace rather than one focused solely on rigid requirements about hours and face time. I asked expert Pat Katepoo some questions about the most effective way to negotiate a […]

Smart Employers Offer Workplace Flexibility

In the Industrial Age, it made sense to tie workers to schedules and specific locations. In the Information Age, work can be done from anywhere and at times that are convenient to workers, clients, and customers. I predict that in the future, the employers who resist this trend will be left in the dust by […]

Workplace Flexibility Is Good for Employees and Employers

I wish workplace flexibility for as many employees as possible. Need proof that workplace flexibility is a good thing? A British workplace flexibility study of 16,000 employees (plus an analysis of 10 past studies) found that flexible work schedules and greater control in the workplace boosted employee health and increased efficiency and productivity. Flexible scheduling was […]