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Seattle jobs can be found on many websites listed below, but I hate to see anyone spend too much time in their job search effort surfing online. If you can find an ad, so can a zillion other people! Because of how easily accessible these postings are, online job search has the lowest return on investment unless your skills and track record are rock star quality. Also, it can be really lonely and depressing to apply for many posted positions and have your applications go into the black hole of the internet with absolutely no response back. Limit the amount of time you spend doing online job search but when you do it, use the most effective strategies outlined below:

1. Set up email search alerts using keywords that capture your best career skills. By letting computers do the work for you, it reduces your effort. My favorite site for this is Seattle.

2. Set up a complete profile on and let recruiters and hiring managers find you.

Seattle Jobs

3. Limit your online searching to 7-10 hours per week. The rest of your search effort should be invested in activities involving HUMANS. This means participation in professional organizations and conferences, continuing education, and social events.

4. To find professional organizations and social networking opportunities, I recommend this awesome Seattle networking guide.

5. To identify some of Seattle’s best employers, explore People’s Picks by NW Jobs (Best Seattle Employers).

6. For Seattle area employment news, check out the Career Center blogs at the Seattle Times.

7. Use my list below.

Seattle Jobs Sites

CampusPoint – restricted to college students and recent graduates
Communicators and Marketers JobLine, Puget Sound – fee based
Craig’s List Seattle
Philanthropy Northwest
Puget Sound Business Journal
Puget Sound Help Wanted Jobs (a Google group)
Seattle Times / Post Intelligencer
Tech Jobs in Seattle
Washington Employment Web Pages – by Jerry Wattier
WorkSource Washington

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