Scott Rozman on How To Recover From Loss of a Dream Job

Scott Rozman responds to a music business professional who asks for career advice after losing his dream job.


You astutely note, “The only reason I was good at my job was that I truly love music and believed in my heart what I was selling.” That same philosophy is relevant to your current struggles with finding a job. First and foremost, you need a change in mindset. Let me repeat that for emphasis since it’s SO important: First and foremost, you need a change in mindset! Believing that your dream and passion have gone up in smoke leaves little room for what’s next and little, if any, passion for finding a job that excites you. Until that shifts, what you do, how you do it, and any other suggestions you receive or try, are, I’m sorry to say, pointless. As someone who found a job and industry he loves, you know that it’s possible. That’s a step ahead of many.

Now, you need to remember, reinforce, and get back to that belief that it’s still possible…now. Daily affirmations, meditation, re-training your thought process to really envision being at a job you love again, all are what’s needed. Let yourself play with new dreams, bigger ideas, and different possibilities. See what comes up. Let go of comparing and start imagining. If and when you do, your future signature might be “Bigger and Better Music Bizzer” instead of “Ex-Music Bizzer.”

Scott RozmanScott Rozman, Certified Career Coach

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