Ruth B. Mott on How To Recover From Loss of a Dream Job

Ruth B. Mott responds to a music business professional who asks for career advice after losing his dream job.

Dear Ex-Music Bizzer,

It is a very hard thing to lose something you’ve loved for so long.  And it is a normal reaction to believe there is nothing else out there. So I do understand how you feel.

Having said that, I am offering my advice based on what I have told other clients who have faced similar situations. Staying in the feelings of hurt and fear gets you nothing. The first thing you have to do is get over it. It’s done and now it’s time to move on – with a heavier heart to be sure – but moving on nonetheless. Next, I know you said the music business, as you knew it has “imploded.” But with your passion and experience you can start exploring other avenues that include music – even if it means you sell pianos!

It may take a little time to find something that you can give your energy to that will use the two passions in your life – music and music sales of some sort. Perhaps there is a radio show you could put together using the music you love and selling ads to support your show. Maybe there is something you could do with the Hawaiian Music Awards show. I certainly don’t claim to know what all the possibilities might be. But I do know that with your excellent track record, you have many contacts and would be an asset in any music, or even theatre, arenas. You will need to use those connections because someone, somewhere, knows of something that will be helpful to you. Conceivably, there is the possibility of working remotely for a related music industry company from the mainland. Perhaps there’s a distributor who would like a Hawaiian connection.

It’s likely that none of this excites you…they are only ideas. And let’s face it…nothing is going to excite you after your last job – at least not right away. However, I believe there is a lot for you to investigate and explore before you have to give it up entirely. You will need to think creatively and strategically.

I don’t t think you’re out of the “bizz” yet.

Ruth B. MottRuth B. Mott, Executive Coach, Mott Coaching

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