This is a sampling of references for Janet Scarborough Civitelli, Ph.D., submitted through LinkedIn, Square, Stik, Thumbtack, or email, quoted with permission.

“Janet is so patient, knowledgeable and prepared for each session. She also has a calming quality, which is helpful as one is trying to figure out the next steps in their career.”
Client feedback submitted via Square

“Janet empowered me to make a complete career change. When I contacted her, I was burned out and ready to make a change but unsure of what I career I wanted for myself and did not know where to start. Janet is warm, empathetic, extremely knowledgeable and has a great deal of experience. With her excellent guidance, I was able to zero in on the right career path for me and make it happen! She boosted my confidence by highlighting my transferable skills, suggesting concrete ways to demonstrate my aptitude for my chosen career field, and providing excellent preparation assistance with everything from my resume through final job offer negotiations. A major transition like mine was a lot of effort but if you follow her advice and put in the work, you will achieve your career goals. I look forward to continuing to work with her on developing my career and recommend her wholeheartedly.”
Rachel S, Project Coordinator

“I write executive-level resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

Sometimes prospective clients lack clarity on what they want to do next (job content, industry, etc.).

If I can’t help them articulate their goals clearly enough to write a targeted resume, then I send them to Janet.

She’s a wizard at helping people, from new grads to C-level executives, identify their best career paths.

Clients come back to me with glowing reports (I have never heard a negative) ready to work on their resumes.

BTW, beyond clients, I have sent family members to Janet. I hope that helps you understand how much I value her capability to help people find their career direction!”
Donna Svei,

“I have known Janet and collaborated with her for well over a decade. She is my #1 referral for career services information, advice, and resources. She has graciously provided me with content for articles and blog postings over the years, and we have exchanged many ideas regarding changes in the career services industry, tools, trends, etc. I absolutely would not hesitate to recommend her for any project or role she is interested in pursuing.”
Kristen Fife, Senior Technical Recruiter

“It just so happened that I got laid off thirty minutes prior to my first scheduled meeting with Janet. She was so understanding and supportive and able to answer all of the questions that I had about my job search. Janet also helped me feel more confident about my skill set and qualifications. Additionally, she was able to provide additional resources for professional reading, insight on certifications and salary range, and gave me ideas about how to prepare for job interviews. I am so thankful that I got connected to Janet as I am now in my dream job as a Project Manager at Whole Foods.”
Emily U., Austin, TX

“I love e-coaching for two big reasons. One is that I can go back through our email string and reread what we’ve discussed. Because of that, I can remember what we talked about and also go back and see how I characterized certain things at those times. It can be really helpful to go back and reread not only what you wrote, but also what I wrote. The second is that I can do it on my own time. I can write when the mood strikes, or when I’m having a crisis, and get it all down on paper. You always let me know when you’ll respond and you respond when you say you will – so I know what to expect from our exchanges. Also, it feels like I get a lot from the time allotted. An hour seems to provide for a lot of give-and-take and plenty of feedback to reflect upon. I can see that it might not be for everyone, but I write a lot in my work, and so am good at getting thoughts onto paper. I think that helps make this a good approach for my style. And I might add one more thing…I tend to be a bit of a people-pleaser. In person, I find sometimes I end up responding to cues I think I’m getting from others. By email, I suspect it’s easier for me to speak my mind and really know it’s coming from me.”
Julie McNalley, Seattle, WA

“As a president of a graduate school who is looking toward ‘post-retirement career options,’ I contacted my old colleague, Janet Scarborough Civitelli. She probably appropriately declined to serve as my Coach, given our history of working together (dang) but agreed to a consultation with me regarding my situation in hopes of pointing me in a useful direction.

That one hour on the phone with Janet gave me a whole HOST of ideas, insights, and directions, honestly far beyond what I expected or would have thought possible. I have since shared some of them with a couple of colleagues here in Santa Fe, and they, in turn, got excited, telling me how fortunate I was to have had this consultation with Dr. Scarborough Civitelli. I concur wholeheartedly.”
Dr. James Michael Nolan, President, Southwestern College/New Earth Institute

“Janet connects with her clients with an unparalleled combination of presence and immediacy. Her skilled questioning helped me focus quickly, and she’s a master at recommending relevant resources. Janet went above and beyond my expectations during a high-stress time of transition. In her, I found an ever-available ally who helped me advocate for myself. She is a true and trustworthy expert who embodies value with every conversation.”
Amy Irwin, Business Development, Medical Industry

“Janet is a great interview coach. Beyond just interview coaching, she was a great point of contact for me throughout the whole process. She probably answered over 80 emails from me regarding all sorts of random advice regarding my job hunt. Highly recommend.”
Nick M.

“Janet is very knowledgeable in her field of career counseling. I look to her for advice on current career trends, job hunting tips, and college major suggestions. She helps coach people to chose a career path, for those just starting out or looking to change careers. She also works with clients who are having difficulty landing a job – what a tremendous service!

Since she works via Zoom video or telephone she can help clients all over the US, but especially in Austin and Houston.”
Jolyn Brand, Owner, Brand College Consulting

“The most helpful thing about Janet’s services is their comprehensive nature across my work “life-cycle.” I’ve worked with Janet to navigate the volatile waters of the technology industry many times over the past decade+ (since 2001). Whether you’re searching for a new job, interviewing or taking on a new professional challenge – Janet’s got you covered.

This involved everything from interview practice, resume critique, networking advice, work-style assessment, managing the annual review process and even general life skill-building techniques.

I can’t think of any other single person who has been more helpful across so many areas of my working life.”
Joshua Burgin, General Manager, EC2 Spot – Amazon Web Services

“I’ve worked with, referred clients to and have observed the performance of Janet Scarborough Civitelli over the past several years. She is an outstanding career guidance expert and executive coach. I have no hesitation in recommending her.”
Dr. Carl Robinson, Executive Coach, Advanced Leadership Consulting

“I first hired Janet when I knew I needed to leave the publishing world and enter graduate school for psychology. She helped my sister in Seattle successfully launch her business, and Laura highly recommended Janet. I was immediately impressed by Janet’s depth of understanding and expertise. She readily pinpointed why my situation was not a good fit while recognizing the roadblocks that had made leaving difficult. Janet is gifted not only as a career counselor but as a psychologist. She is the perfect combination of college professor/learning architect, psychologist, and coach who effectively translates feelings of being overwhelmed and intimidated into tangible goals. With her help, I conducted investigative interviews which led to a full-time job in higher education and free tuition.

Several years later, I hired Janet again. I had worked in higher education for six years, and I felt stuck at a job where I felt thwarted from finishing my Master’s Degree due to the demands of my role as an employee and the demands of a rather challenging job situation. Janet’s electric insight into the dynamic that had somehow eclipsed my long terms goals gave me the courage to transition from that job and the courage to start my own education consulting business.

As I have built my consulting business, I periodically hire Janet as an entrepreneurial expert and as a psychologist. Most recently she helped me to identify the factors that were causing my inertia in successfully launching my website. Janet is not only a career counselor, but an astute psychologist who knows what strategies will work best for people based on their personalities, and she understands what ‘demons’ (shame, self-doubt) can get in people’s way. She also knows tons of resources with which she will gladly connect you. She is an energy giver!

I should add that due to geography, my work with Janet has always occurred via phone and email. Yet her personal, friendly, and strategic approach makes me feel like she really knows and ‘gets’ me.”
Susannah Buzard, Learning Specialist

“The most wonderful and inspiring career coach I have ever met. Janet is very attentive, understanding, professional and most importantly effective. She puts her life on hold for the sake of her clients and always has the best piece of advice to give. I am very fortunate to be working with her. The fact that she has a degree in psychology helps the clients immensely since she is combining her educational and professional backgrounds, knowledge and strategies to tend to every individual’s needs.”
Gala Korolyk, Educator

“I found working with Janet to be most helpful! Working with her on the career challenges I was facing helped keep me sane. I remember feeling really adrift and knowing I needed to figure out what was going on with my employer. I knew it was only a matter of time before my situation changed in a significant way. Working with Janet helped me “handle” that layoff and the subsequent job search more confidently. I was also transitioning my career to something different, which was something I had never done before. Having her perspective and help was invaluable. It helped me figure out how to move forward amid all of that craziness. I really had no clue on how to manage my career back then….I would say because of our work, I was much better off recently when I found myself being laid off and doing another job search.

I would definitely recommend working with Janet whether focusing on career matters or work-life balance issues. I have found her approach to be deep, supportive and invaluable.”
Glenna Gorlick, Office Manager