References for April Klimkiewicz

This is a sampling of references for April Klimkiewicz, submitted through LinkedIn, Stik, Thumbtack, or email and quoted with permission.

“In addition to her vast knowledge of career, April brings great technique from her counseling background to the table; making open dialogue very easy and natural flowing when working with our team and students. Her holistic approach to life is key to the success of anyone she personally works with in regards to student, career and personal development.”
Jennifer Utroska, Career Adviser, Nova Southeastern University
“April, you saw the potential in me in the times when I couldn’t see it in myself. Somehow, you knew things would be okay before I did. For that, I could not ever thank you enough.”
Janelle Alvarez
“April has a real gift for connecting with people and immediately putting them at ease. She is smart and insightful, as well as encouraging and upbeat. She has an incredibly calming presence.”
Jessica Campbell, Associate Director, Employer Relations, Rice University
“April brings many “out of the box” ideas to the table, and has a very positive attitude that is contagious.”
Carleen Pallante
“April is an intelligent, positive and open-minded professional. She is known as someone who upholds a high standard of professionalism and integrity, and possesses an unparalleled work ethic. April is an excellent communicator and has a gift for relating to, and interacting well with others.”
Shelley Richard, Career Counselor, Sugar Land, TX