Rate Your Boss

Career coaches often say that people don’t leave jobs, they leave bosses. It is easier to rate your boss if you have a checklist of qualities to use for assessment. To create this list, I asked people to describe what matters to them about their boss.

Rate Your Boss

While no boss can be perfect, the more your boss does the following, the better your career situation will be:

__Communicates a clear vision/mission/objectives.

__Is transparent and honest about changes going on with a department and/or organization.

__Maintains appropriate boundaries.

__Is a role model for good work/life balance and encourages employees to have the same.

__Has high emotional IQ.

__Expresses appreciation for a job well-done.

__Shows respect for other people, especially as it relates to time and schedules.

__Advocates for the team even when doing so involves professional risk.

__Adapts management style for different personalities and needs.

__Can make decisions that are thoughtful but decisive and timely.

__Is empathic.

__Is creative or willing to hire people who are and give them freedom to be.

__Is supportive/encouraging of workplace fun/joy (not threatened by it).

__Values diversity and is not sexist/racist/homophobic, etc.

__Emphasizes results rather than face time.

__Plays fair rather than favorites.

__Tells the truth and calls out passive-aggressive behavior.

__Maintains a high level of integrity and behaves in an ethical way.

__Shows compassion and views mistakes as an opportunity to learn and improve.

__Is smart, competent, and willing to mentor.

__Gives credit where it is due instead of trying to hog the limelight.

__Knows how to deliver tough feedback without demoralizing the audience.

__Is able to strike the right balance of involvement and trusting employees to do their jobs.

__Is open-minded and non-defensive.

__Is savvy about workplace politics and can acquire/use power for good.

Did you find the checklist helpful? If so, please share it.

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