Microsoft Employee Career Change

There are not many people who have had a more varied career than former Microsoft employee yvette Soler (yvette purposefully spells her first name with a lower case “y”). A college grad who majored in engineering and music, yvette turned down an offer from the FBI to begin her career in high tech, first at a startup that became RealNetworks and then at Microsoft. She enjoyed her work but something was missing, so she enrolled in acting and singing lessons and she started an entertainment company. This Renaissance woman also began studying practical spirituality and was the co-owner of a circus. Her work with the circus led to an opportunity to tour with Cirque du Soleil in Europe. Yvette’s career evolution continued until she chose her current roles as Practical Spirituality Teacher, Healer, Author, and Speaker. You can read yvette’s complete Practical Spirituality career profile here.

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