Karlin Sloan on How To Recover From Loss of a Dream Job

Karlin Sloan responds to a music business professional who asks for career advice after losing his dream job.


Bouncing back from a major blow like losing a beloved career requires us to step back and take a pause.

In this case, the reality is that you need some time to grieve something you’ve lost that you loved. One way to accept a loss is to create a ritual for yourself. Go to a special place in nature with an iPod and play all of your most beloved music that you had a hand in getting to the world. Celebrate that phase of your life and the joy you had in that career. Remember the best moments, pat yourself on the back for living your dream, and know that these experiences are only the first chapter in your working life. Give this chapter the thanks it deserves and honor that experience as something special to which you now need to say, “Goodbye.” Also remember that the gifts you’ve been given and the music you love can never be taken away from you.

It’s time to build a new dream. Since you made the first one happen and you have transferrable skills, my guess is you will be able to find a new passion and build that into your next dream job. It may take time. You may need “bridge work” to get you to the other side, but when you’re there my hope for you is that you’re inspired by your own creation. Dreaming can be fun! Let yourself go back to the feeling you had when you were five years old and loved music. What else do you love doing now as an adult? What people do you love to be around? Where do they congregate? What new horizons do you want to explore and learn about? What sounds really fun that you’ve never thought about doing before? What does the world need that you have to offer?

Karlin SloanKarlin Sloan, CEO, Executive Coach, and Author of “UNFEAR: Facing Change in an Era of Uncertainty.”

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