Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ VocationVillageHow specifically do you help clients reach their career and life goals?
I assess a client’s situation, help to develop specific strategies for change, support a client through the execution of a plan, problem-solve when the inevitable obstacles and challenges arise and re-evaluate once a goal has been met.

What is your background specific to career development and coaching?
I am licensed as a psychologist (TX #34252) and professional counselor (TX #66418). I am also certified as a Personal and Executive Coach through the College of Executive Coaching. For the last 15+ years, my professional niche has been career and leadership coaching.

How do you help a client who wants to find a job?
– Identifying a job search focus.
– Fine-tuning résumés, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles.
– Strategizing about how to connect with employers and how to respond to interview questions.
Interview coaching.
– Emotional support during the job search to enable persistence and resilience.
– Brainstorming ways to earn side gig income.
– Assistance with negotiations.
– Help with choosing between multiple job offers.

Will you create a résumé, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile for clients?
I will coach clients through the process of editing these materials. If a client wishes to outsource this area completely, I will help them to find a professional writer.

How do you help a client who wants to choose a career or change careers?
– Collaboration about whether career assessment will accelerate the decision-making process, and if so, assistance in deciding which assessments to use.
– Exploration of a client’s interests, strengths, values, and personality.
– Design of a step-by-step career development strategy.
– Support and problem-solving during the implementation of the career development plan.

How do you help a client who wants to advance his/her career?
– Evaluation of career history and assistance with planning next steps.
– Assessment of emotional intelligence and suggestions for emotional skills development.
– Coaching to improve interpersonal effectiveness (this might include assistance with areas such as stress management, work-life integration, managing difficult interactions with bosses/co-workers/employees/customers, job-shaping, etc.).
– Assistance with creating and implementing a strategic plan to ensure career and personal decisions and actions are congruent with individual goals, values, and preferences.

How do you help a client who wants to launch or grow a business?
– Identification, assessment, and clarification of business direction and strategy.
– Support in taking action steps toward launch or growth.
– Help with decision-making about which business tasks to complete yourself and which ones to outsource.
– Emotional support for the challenges of entrepreneurship.
– Coaching for greater effectiveness in the interpersonal realm of business.
– Assistance with work/life integration for stress reduction and increased quality of life.

How does the process work?
I offer consulting and coaching services via webcam, telephone, or email.

I use inquiry, assessment, reflection, dialogue, and specific assignments to build your level of self-awareness, skill, responsibility, and sustained momentum. I provide structure, focus, feedback, and support as together we develop and implement concrete steps to assist you in attaining your desired vision and accomplishments.

For clients who want email-based support and for whom we mutually agree that an email-based approach is a good fit, I wrote this article about the benefits of e-coaching.

What are your fees for services?
Fees range from $100 to $250 per hour depending on the type of service needed. I maintain a limited number of sessions at the lower end of the range for students and clients who are unemployed or underemployed. After we discuss your circumstances and goals, I will provide you a proposal before any services are delivered or fees are due.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover, or PayPal.

May clients email you?
Yes, certainly. I will read everything and either respond via email or address the content of the email communication at our next meeting.

Are consulting and/or coaching fees tax-deductible?
Sometimes they are. Please consult with your financial advisor or review the IRS guidelines on topics related to professional development.

Does health insurance cover consulting/coaching services?
No. To receive mental health insurance benefits, there must be a diagnosis of a mental health disorder and/or there must be a provable “medical necessity,” which is not the case for many workplace psychology and career development challenges.

Since you are a licensed psychologist, do you provide psychotherapy for DSM-diagnosed disorders?
Yes, but not for coaching or consulting clients as that would be a dual relationship. If you are seeking psychotherapy, please let me know during our first conversation so that together we can evaluate the best service options for you. Many of my coaching clients work with me on career development goals and simultaneously work with a therapist on other goals.

How long does the process take?
It depends on what you want to achieve.  For a very specific and time-limited goal such as interview prep, choosing between multiple job offers, or making an urgent career decision, we may meet only one time. For more complex goals such as making a career change, changing long-established patterns of behavior, or getting support in a highly challenging work environment, the change process may take 3-6 months or longer. Before we start working together, we will decide on a timeframe.

Do you use a bunch of tests to tell clients what careers they should choose?
I recommend assessments when I believe that doing so will accelerate progress. When I believe assessments will be helpful, I propose them to a client and it will always be clear the cost and purpose in advance so that a client can decide whether to purchase the assessment(s).

If I am looking for a job, will you introduce me to a recruiter or to your network of connections?
No. I am not a recruiter who places individuals with organizations, nor am I a personal agent who markets individuals for job opportunities. Those are different jobs than what I do.

Can you provide me with names of hiring managers so that I can contact them?
No. If your primary goal is to obtain competitive intelligence about organizations, there are research professionals who specialize in helping with that, but doing so is not my expertise.

Are services confidential?
Yes. I will keep your information confidential except for rare circumstances dictated by laws (for example, any threat of harm to self or others). I also encourage you to be careful about what you send via email stored on work computers as many employers monitor employee communications.

Can you provide references?
Please visit my references page to read samples of what clients have written about me.

Does your business offer a guarantee?
I guarantee the quality of my services to you. The outcome is dependent on your motivation, effort, persistence, and also circumstances outside of my control (such as the economy or internal changes within an employing organization). Good outcomes are dependent on sustained action on your part. If you do not have the time or ability to take sustained action at this time, I recommend waiting until the timing is better for you to start.

Do you work with clients outside the U.S.?
My primary expertise is U.S. specific so if your goals require knowledge of another country’s employment norms and culture, please inquire about services and together we will decide if I have the expertise you are seeking.

I have questions that weren’t answered here.
Please send them to me in advance of our first meeting and I will be sure to address them when we talk.