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I know you are a Career Coach for a lot of Seattle clients and I am wondering if you know the best resources to find a job in Seattle? I don’t know exactly what type of work I want to do but I do know I want to live in Seattle and build my career there.


Seattle Skyline

Seattle Skyline

Dear Ken,
I recommend that you first invest some thought and effort to clarify your career focus. Otherwise, it is like trying to pack for a trip without knowing where you are going!

You are right that I have worked to help a lot of Seattle career coaching clients, so over the years I compiled some resources that might be helpful for your career exploration. Here they are:

Best Site To Find Seattle Professional Associations and Seattle Area Events for Networking:

Seattle Job Search Resources: Seattle Jobs

Seattle Advertising, Public Relations, and Design Firms: Seattle Advertising, Public Relations, and Design Firms

Seattle Government: Seattle Government

Seattle Hospitals: Seattle Hospitals

Seattle Newspapers: Seattle Newspapers

Seattle Recruiters and Employment Agencies: Seattle Recruiters and Employment Agencies

Seattle Technology: Seattle Technology

Seattle Venture Capital: Seattle Venture Capital

Hope this helps!

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