Day Jobs for Writers: Communications and Editing

For this series about day jobs for writers, I interviewed Stel Pavlou. Stel is the author of the Daniel Coldstar series of books, described by Harper Collins as “gritty and fun science fiction fantasy.”

What type of books do you write?

I write middle-grade science fiction now, though I have written adult techno-thrillers in the past.

Writer Stel Pavlou

What are your current day jobs?

I’m the Communications Specialist for the State Auditor of Colorado. I edit reports, design graphics, print reports, videotape and edit videos, write press releases, deal with the media, run social media, update website content, and design forms. You name it, I do it if it’s communications related.

I also freelance as an editor through Reedsy.

How did you land these day jobs?

For the State Auditor job, I simply applied and went through the regular process. They were looking for an eclectic skill set and I happened to fit the need.

For freelancing, I put a resume and profile together and went through a vetting process.

What do you like about these jobs?

The state job keeps me busy and can have variety. The freelance job keeps my skills sharp.

What is challenging about these day jobs?

Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines…

What advice do you have for writers who are considering taking a full-time job doing something other than writing?

The steady paycheck alleviates a lot of stress. Plus, you never know who you are going to meet that could lead to a story idea or even a connection in your area of interest. For me, it’s also about mental health and self-care. I was a full-time writer for over 10 years locked away in a room and I went downhill fast. I need people to talk to, human interaction. As soon as I went back to having a day job, my productivity as a writer actually went up.

What is your next writing project, if you are willing to say?

I have a new children’s book out in November – Daniel Coldstar: The Betrayer, a sequel to the first DC book that came out in Winter, 2017. I’m also working on an adultish thriller, and some other things I can’t talk about.

Where can readers buy your book(s)?

Amazon, Barnes and Noble -just about anywhere that sells books! If readers really want to help writers, pre-order their books and leave reviews! Here is the link to the publisher.

Thank you, Stel. Readers, please check out his books!

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