Darrell W. Gurney on How To Recover From Loss of a Dream Job

Darrell W. Gurney responds to a music business professional who asks for career advice after losing his dream job.

Hi, Ex MB,

It downright stinks, doesn’t it? I’m not being facetious either…I feel your pain. And I want you to know, though it won’t make much difference to you right now, that you’re not alone. With the shakeup of our economy over the last few years, even if and when jobs do become plentiful again, they won’t be the same jobs as people had before. This was a different kind of recession, and there are people who will never be able to do what they did before.

Now, that being said, the question becomes: so, whadya gonna do about it? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not minimizing your pain. Yet, life does go on, doesn’t it? Now, what I would consider—and I know that this will sound completely far-fetched—is taking on the idea that this happened for a reason. I know, I know, that still doesn’t help. Unless, of course, you really DO take it on.

What if, just what if there is something you don’t know that the Universe has in store for you? Perhaps even another passion, or another way to express your passion in music that you’re not aware of? It may seem like you know everything there is to know about the field, but what about standing up, putting on an inquiring mind, and getting out to talk to people about trends or other ancillary, yet related, possibilities? What are the industries and product lines related to what you did for so long? What are those people dealing with right now? If your area has gone down, what area has gone up?

I say putting together some “research projects” and going out to investigate and explore the answers to some questions such as those will do a whole lot more for you than bemoaning the loss of your career object-of-affection. The sad truth in relationships is that people leave or die sometimes. That doesn’t mean we stop living. We go find new loves and create new possibilities. And, a lot of times, they are even better than the ones we had before! Everyone knows that the third marriage is the charm, right?

Darrell W. Gurney“In-The-Present Life-Liver,” Darrell W. Gurney, CareerGuy.com, Author of “Backdoor Job Search: Never Apply for a Job Again: 10 Time-Tested Principles for Launching an Effective Backdoor Campaign”


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