College Internship To Full-Time Job Success Story: Ansley Fous

This success story is part of a series profiling people who leveraged their college internship experience into a full-time job. This interview features Ansley Fous, a Publicist. 

Ansley, what college did you attend?

Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

What year did you graduate from college?


Ansley Fous, Publicist

Where did you complete an internship?

A Fashion PR firm in the heart of the LA Fashion District.

How did you find/land your internship?

Through the Dream Careers (formerly known as University of Dreams) internship placement program.

What type of work did you do during your internship?

I created pitches and press pieces, found new business, did fashion research, worked red carpet events, etc.

What was one significant thing you learned about working during your internship?

I learned how different it was to use time management skills in the work world versus during school.

How did your internship lead to a job offer?

I left my internship with the understanding that if a job were to open up as a junior Publicist that I could certainly be expecting to be contacted. I spoke with my mentor in the company various times throughout my senior year at school, but after much discussion, it seemed as if we were not going to come to an agreement that would make us both happy (mainly referring to salary). But, a week before graduation, out of nowhere, she contacted me back saying that she was leaving the company to start her own firm and wanted me to be her replacement and told me the figures that I was looking at (commission + salary) and I decided I really could not turn it down. So, here I am…working and living in downtown LA.

Any words of wisdom you would like to share with current college students?

Internships are all about figuring out what you are passionate about, and what you aren’t. I did one internship in a field that I thought I wanted to pursue, and after the eight week internship, I was completely sure that I never wanted to pursue that career. I would suggest getting as much experience as possible, early on (starting even in high school) and then by your senior year, you will have a very good understanding of where you want to focus your efforts on in the job search.

Thank you, Ansley, for sharing your experience and advice.

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