Career Change Success: From Hospitality To Nonprofit

If you are considering a career change, one of the smartest things you can do is study the actions taken by people who are career change success stories. Recently I interviewed Leah Krieger, Executive Director of the Centerpoint Institute for Life and Career Renewal in Seattle. Krieger made a career change from hospitality into nonprofit […]

Nonprofit Job Search Tips

Dear Dr. Civitelli, I am interested in landing a job at a nonprofit and I am wondering if you can share any nonprofit job search tips with me. How do people find employment at a nonprofit organization? Signed, Nonprofit Job Seeker Dear Nonprofit Job Seeker, To answer your question, I asked Steven Atamian for some […]

Directory of Seattle Nonprofit Organizations

I created this list of Seattle nonprofit organizations as a service of While many of these organizations offer multiple programs so they could correctly be listed in several categories, for the sake of brevity, I chose ONE category for each one, so please carefully review the list if you are interested in a particular […]

Education Needed for a Nonprofit Career in Seattle

Dear, I am interested in possibly starting my own organization, could be nonprofit, but I’m not necessarily sure at this point what to classify it as. I’m wondering as far as a degree is concerned what type of schooling you would recommend. For example if there are certain courses or a degree that could […]