Top Ways To Get Career Advice From This Site

Need career advice? Life is too short to be miserable about what you do for a living, especially because succeeding at a job or business that you dislike is usually much more difficult than succeeding at work that you love!

Top Ways To Get Career Advice
Here are the top ways visitors use this site to find career advice:

1.If you aren’t sure which career you want to pursue, I wrote a book to help you! Help Me Find A Career: Strategies To Choose Work You Will Love features career advice from me and from 12 expert contributors.

2. The archives for my “Ask A Career Coach” column contain advice that I have written for readers asking for recommendations about decision-making, career planning or change, job search, and/or business success. You may also submit a question to be considered for a response (but because of the time it takes for questions and answers to be published, this isn’t a good way to get help with an urgent, personal career question).

3. These career advice book reviews give my recommendations for favorite books about career and life planning; career advancement; job search; work-from-home jobs and infopreneurship; financial success and salary negotiation; and positive psychology and work happiness.

4. Read these profiles of people who love their work (includes both employees and entrepreneurs) to see if discover a career that you, too, would love.

5. Read this article about strengths assessment to identify ways to figure out what you are good at doing.

6. Use this article to learn some of my favorite career assessments that can help you to find your career.

7. This resume checklist can ensure your resume matches the preferences of a majority of hiring managers.

8. This article will tell you some job interview advice hiring managers can’t tell you because corporate lawyers won’t let them.

9. If you are planning to attend a career fair, read what recruiters wish you knew about career fairs.

10. Because a lot of my clients are from Austin, Houston, and Seattle, I put together these resource pages about Austin careersHouston careers, and Seattle careers.

11. To explore whether I’ve written about a specific topic, you can either use the Google search box on the bottom right of each page or you can browse the site index.

12. Hire me. Here are some references from my clients and colleagues about my coaching and consulting.