California Psychological Inventory

As described by the publisher, CPP, the California Psychological Inventory™ (CPI) measures personality attributes commonly used to describe people, yielding results describing your approach to life and to work. Major areas included are: Dealing With Others; Self-Management; Motivations and Thinking Style; Personal Characteristics; and Work-Related Measures.
Personality Test
Three additional scales included are Interpersonal Approach, Intrapersonal Values, and Level of Satisfaction. The CPI is helpful for understanding areas where you naturally excel and areas where you may have challenges that can be resolved through greater understanding and execution of a personal development plan.

Because of the shorter length, most clients prefer to complete the CPI 260® rather than the longer CPI 434®. To see the type of information yielded by this personality assessment, click here to view sample reports of the California Psychological Inventory™.

If you would like to take the California Psychological Inventory™ and receive a telephone consultation with me to learn how to make practical use of the results, please email me.

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Dr. Janet Scarborough Civitelli