Best Retirement Jobs

Dear Dr. Civitelli,
I am wrapping up a 30 year career in a field I want to leave. I have enough money that I can be picky in choosing the best retirement career for myself, but not enough money that I can stop working entirely. I have no idea what I want to do. Can you give me some tips about the best retirement jobs for people like me who want to leave their prior career?

Dallas, TX
Best Retirement Jobs
Dear Ken,

I showed your question to Don D’Armond, a webpreneur who runs the website Don’s advice to you is, “Retirement should be a time of fun, excitement and enjoyment, living your fullest life possible. You’ve waited a long time for the pleasures that come in this season of your life. Let your natural gifts and experiences lead you to your best retirement jobs.”

An excellent source of information about retirement jobs is the AARP. They publish a list of the best employers for employees age 50+ and they routinely publish information of interest to people researching retirement careers.

If 30 years in one career field has left you confused about your talents and interests, most community colleges offer career assessment that may be helpful to you. Private practice career counselors can also consult with you and help you to make a decision, usually in just a few hours of career exploration and planning. (I do this type of counseling and coaching via telephone – you can inquire about my services by contacting me).

Hope this helps!

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