Benefits of E-Coaching

Email-based career coaching (e-coaching) is ideal for some clients. Benefits include:

– A writing-based approach for clients who prefer writing to speaking

– A complete record of the conversations

– Spontaneity as there is no scheduling to consider

– Convenience as geographic location and time zone don’t need to be accommodated

– Affordability

– Great fit for brainstorming career options, career decision-making, reviewing personal marketing materials, planning and implementing a career change or a job search, getting support through challenging or politically tricky work situations, and improving work/life satisfaction and integration

As an example, I e-coached a client about her career decisions. We never met face-to-face or talked via telephone. After some e-coaching, she happily accepted a new job, and she expressed enthusiasm for e-coaching. I, too, thought it was an excellent way to work for me and for this particular client, so I asked her to summarize why she chose e-coaching and what she liked about it.


Here is her reply, published with her permission:

“I love e-coaching for two big reasons. One is that I can go back through our email string and reread what we’ve discussed. Because of that I can remember what we talked about and also go back and see how I characterized certain things at those times. It can be really helpful to go back and reread not only what you wrote, but also what I wrote. The second is that I can do it on my own time. I can write when the mood strikes, or when I’m having a crisis, and get it all down on paper. You always let me know when you’ll respond and you respond when you say you will – so I know what to expect from our exchanges. Also, it feels like I get a lot from the time allotted. An hour seems to provide for a lot of give and take and plenty of feedback to reflect upon. I can see that it might not be for everyone, but I write a lot in my work, and so am good at getting thoughts onto paper. I think that helps make this a good approach for my style. And I might add one more thing…I tend to be a bit of a people-pleaser. In person I find sometimes I end up responding to cues I think I’m getting from others. By email I suspect it’s easier for me to speak my mind and really know it’s coming from me.” – Julie McNalley

Another client has confidentially retained my e-coaching services for over a year to build her business and navigate complex interpersonal situations with her corporate clients. She says,

“E-coaching is so convenient. I get immediate feedback while in the moment of completing the business task or communication. The comments are timely and always right on the mark!”

Want to explore if e-coaching is right for you? Please contact me.

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