Amazon Kindle Review: 10 Reasons Why I Love My Amazon Kindle

During one of my family’s numerous cross country moves, a moving company estimator gasped when he saw how many books I own. Then he sighed and informed me that we would most certainly be over the weight limit set by the relocation reimbursement policy of my husband’s new employer. We did manage to move all the books without going bankrupt from extra moving fees, but the experience inspired me to initiate a life dominated less by printed paper and more by electronic text. I bought an Amazon Kindle and it is now one of my favorite possessions. Here are 10 reasons why:

1. This device is the ultimate in instant gratification. I can download a book about 30 seconds after I decide that I would like to read it.

2. This is the first step toward my goal of a paper-free, clutter-free life. The more books I buy to put on this cool little gadget, the fewer books are taking up space in my home.

3. I feel blissfully mobile when my books are so accessible to me. I can take a dozen books to a coffee cafe or on vacation without lugging around print versions.

4. I no longer waste moments of my life looking for a particular book I’ve left on my night stand or in my car or buried under paperwork in my office. By keeping track of ONE reading device, I save myself a lot of searching and frustration.

5. The dictionary feature is fabulous. If I encounter a word I don’t know when I’m reading a book on my Amazon Kindle, I can just press a button and read the definition of the word. How cool is that?

6. Rather than highlighting a print book or writing notes somewhere, I can save electronic clippings about any book that I read. This makes me feel very organized, which makes me happy.

7. Bookmarking electronically is much more reliable than bookmarking with paper. This is extremely helpful because my children are magnetically drawn to removing paper bookmarks, which renders paper bookmarking useless.

8. The search function on the reader ensures that I’ll never end up flipping through pages in a futile effort to find specific information.

9. I like saving trees.

10. If you click on the picture of the Amazon Kindle above and buy one, I earn a small commission to spend on books!

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