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Entrepreneur Makes Money From Unusual Hobby

After losing his job and job hunting for over a year, Ben Coleman was on the verge of homelessness. Rather than continue to do what wasn’t working, Ben decided to launch a business focused on his unusual hobby of origami, the Japanese art of folding paper into shapes representing objects. As a writer and inventor, […]

How To Find Legitimate Work At Home Jobs

Dear Dr. Civitelli, I’m a mom looking for a flexible schedule, maybe working at home. Are all work at home options scams or are there any legitimate work at home jobs? If there are some legitimate possibilities, where do I find them? Signed, Madeleine Chicago, IL Dear Madeleine, There are definitely legitimate work at home […]

Salary Raise Negotiation

Dear, I would like to ask my boss for a well-deserved salary raise but I am unsure how to approach such a negotiation. Since the economy isn’t doing well, is this a bad time? What would you recommend I say to my boss? Signed, Marsha Los Angeles, CA Dear Marsha, I was interviewed by […]

Need Career Change Advice

Dear, Our son is a carpenter who would like to do something different which would be a good job for the future. He is thinking of something to do with sports, teaching, or health related jobs like physical therapist assistant or occupational therapy assistant. His education is a BS degree in Professional Broadcasting. He […]