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How To Deal With Narcissists In The Workplace

Is there someone at your workplace who has an unrealistic or inflated sense of self-importance, who can’t seem to understand any point-of-view other than his or her own, and who is hypersensitive to criticism (but can sure dish it out to others!)? If so, you may be dealing with someone with narcissistic personality structure. Narcissistic […]

How To Find A Seattle Recruiter

Dear, Hello, I am a mid-career professional in Seattle who is burned out on my current job and I want to find a new one. But I have never had to look for a job before and I don’t know where to start. I am thinking that a recruiter might be helpful to me…can […]

Question About Houston Executive Jobs

Dear, My husband is looking for an executive level job in Houston for a multinational company, either in Finance or Consulting. He has been in touch with several headhunters, but also with a Career Placement Services Office (that wanted to charge $10K). The former have not been as helpful as when we used them […]

Should I Change Colleges?

Dear, Hello, I am trying to decide whether I should change colleges. Will it look bad to any future employers if I transfer to a different college during my junior year? Also, is it smart to move to a city or state (e.g. NYC) where you feel that you will have better networking opportunities […]

Searching For A New Career That Fits Me

Dear, How do I find a career that would free me from my desk, let me live anywhere and still do my work–and I would prefer to live in Italy, please? My background is that of a 25 year successful real estate broker specializing in selling new homes for a national top 10 builder. […]

Education Needed for a Nonprofit Career in Seattle

Dear, I am interested in possibly starting my own organization, could be nonprofit, but I’m not necessarily sure at this point what to classify it as. I’m wondering as far as a degree is concerned what type of schooling you would recommend. For example if there are certain courses or a degree that could […]

Job Hunting for New College Graduates

Paul Knight from the Houston Press interviewed me about job hunting for new college graduates. In the current tough economy, there’s a new verb, “recessioned,” meaning, “To be unemployed or underemployed because of the difficult job market.” When this article was published in 2010, I managed the career counseling staff at University of Houston University […]