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Learn How To Delegate

Recently I asked a group of entrepreneurs to tell me what causes them stress in running their businesses. Many of their responses centered around having too much to do and not enough hours in the day to get it all done. Some business owners described a feeling of constant anxiety about the tasks that are […]

Workplace Flexibility Is Good for Employees and Employers

I wish workplace flexibility for as many employees as possible. Need proof that workplace flexibility is a good thing? A British workplace flexibility study of 16,000 employees (plus an analysis of 10 past studies) found that flexible work schedules and greater control in the workplace boosted employee health and increased efficiency and productivity. Flexible scheduling was […]

Are You Afraid To Start A Business?

Many people know deep down that they would be happiest as an entrepreneur, but then fear stops them. Are you one of those people? Are you afraid to start a business? It is such a shame that fear so often deprives the world of the businesses that could be meeting the needs of clients and […] Launches A Career Advice Blog

From 2010: I know I am the last career counselor in America to launch a career advice blog. My blogger colleagues have convinced me that the visitors to my site expect a blog and find blogs useful. So, here goes! Years the blog has been updated: √ 2011 √ 2012 √ 2013