What Is A Vocational Psychologist?

Dear Dr. Civitelli, I saw an article online where you were described as a vocational psychologist. I’ve never heard of that job. I am a first year college student and I plan to declare a major in psychology. Can you please tell me what a vocational psychologist does? Signed, Psych Student Dear Psych Student, Sure! […]

Seattle Recruiters and Employment Agencies

This list of Seattle recruiters and employment agencies is maintained by VocationVillage.com for the convenience of visitors to this site. Inclusion here does not represent endorsement of any of these agencies. Please do your own research before working with one of these firms. Whether any particular agency or recruiter is a good fit depends on […]

Resume Do’s and Don’t’s

If you follow this checklist of “Resume Do’s and Don’t’s,” you will be following the resume preferences of a large majority of hiring managers and recruiters. I know this because I frequently talk to them and I constantly assess how they decide which job applicants to invite to interviews. I have also been a hiring […]

A Tutorial On How To Use Career And Job Search Engines

Career and job search engines are the way that most people today try to explore different types of work and to find a new job. Career search engines are helpful for exploring different occupations to choose which one(s) you want to pursue. Job search engines are useful for identifying hiring trends and specific job openings […]

Spotlight On Seattle Careers

I am knowledgeable about Seattle careers because I lived there for a decade and it will always be one of my favorite places to which to return. Seattle is known for rainy drizzle, gorgeous scenery, plentiful coffee, and technology. Seattle is also considered a desirable location in which to land employment or start a business. […]

Job Interview Advice Hiring Managers Wish They Could Tell You

When I worked in recruiting in the software development industry, job seekers would say things in job interviews that would immediately rule them out for consideration. I was very tempted to give them extensive feedback about how to do better the next time, but my company’s HR and legal departments forbade me from doing so. […]

Amazon Kindle Review: 10 Reasons Why I Love My Amazon Kindle

During one of my family’s numerous cross country moves, a moving company estimator gasped when he saw how many books I own. Then he sighed and informed me that we would most certainly be over the weight limit set by the relocation reimbursement policy of my husband’s new employer. We did manage to move all […]

Book Review: Best Home Businesses for People 50+

Many people are interested in home businesses right now because of the work/family advantages in shedding your boss and commute, the security that can be built by creating your own source of income, and the satisfaction engendered by shaping an enterprise around your own talents and values. After deciding to pursue a home business, the […]

10 Spooky Jobs

Note: This post was originally published on Halloween. In honor of Halloween, here are two lists of spooky jobs for people who find a bit of fright delightful. Top 10 Spookiest Jobs (Glassdoor) The 10 Most Spooky Jobs (CareerCast.com)

Career Guidance Advice for a Seattle Executive

Dear VocationVillage.com, Currently I live in the Seattle/Bellevue area, which is a part of the country that boasts one of the highest levels of education, degrees and high tech specialties. I am 51 with a solid track record of leadership, management and training success in the hospitality, retail and real estate industries. I do not […]